Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Forgiving Trinity and Rough Sales Numbers!

I'm very happy to let everyone know that Forgiving Trinity debuted! I'm especially happy about this one, because it all started one gray November on Blogger...

I don't want to be one of those parents who's always talking about her own kid and bragging about how many dance recitals and bassoon solos and French tests said kid aced, but c'mon, look at that little beauty! That's gorgeous, right? Props to my guy, Steve Peterson! I found him on elance...if you need a cover guy, I cannot recommend him highly enough. His rates are amazing, his work ethic is intense, and, well, just look at the magic he works!

What happened, that long ago November, is that I had finished Double Clutch (and Junk Miles and Slow Twitch...) and sent out a bunch of letters to agents, and was primed to be instantly on my way to a major publication deal!


Except I got a lot of really sweet 'no thank yous.' And I was starting to get bummed. But, more importantly, I was losing hours, days, weeks, pressing my email's 'refresh' button over and over again, on the off chance that in the three minutes it took me to get up, to pee, and come back to my laptop, some important agent had emailed me!

Then I read about NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I was also, simultaneously, trying to build a platform, so I was floundering on Blogger. I decided to combine my desire to start a blog with my desire to participate in NaNoWriMo, thus resulting in my blogel/blovel Forgiving Trinity

I wrote a chapter a day. I badgered a few friends into reading the chapter and voting on what would happen the next day. I was psyched by the legions of fans who began demanding I write more (or the four friends and awesome blog lovers who put up with my obsession). Every single day I had people who loved books and words writing to tell me what they liked and didn't, what they wanted to see more of and what they thought dragged on. It was an incredible writing experience. 

By the end of the month, I had a book. Done. 

Well, not done. I had to edit it. Get it critiqued. Comb through suggestions. Make changes. Take things out. Add things in. 

And I loved it! I really, really loved it. And when I had tweaked it and done all I could to make it perfect, I got an amazing cover, and put it out there! So, if you have an ereader, it's available on Amazon and B&N. And if you love paper, I promise that will be coming out soon! (I promise.)

Oh! And I'm SUPER behind in sales figures, but I'd like to let you know how I made out the last few months!

October - I sold about 58 copies of Double Clutch. Woot!!

November - I released Junk Miles just before Thanksgiving. I sold a combined total of 381 copies! That made me especially giddy, because it was exactly 300 more than I sold in September! (Though, of course, I had one more book out this month!)

Currently, I'm on the cusp of 400, with the three books out. So that's very, very cool for me and makes me extremely excited and happy! 

I really wanted to break it all down more specifically, and I will. But I can tell you that the bulk of my sales come from Amazon Kindle US purchases, and that there has been an almost neck and neck tie between Double Clutch and Junk Miles, so releasing a second book definitely helped sales in a huge way.

And thank you. I love being part of the blog community. I love having people to share this exciting stuff with. I love that I can share a book that literally took root right on this blog. Amazing!