Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's a PAPERBACK!! And I Want You To Have It For Your Very Own!!

Publishing has so many cool, cool aspects. One huge one is the breathless beauty of new cover art. Nothing can make me swoon as quickly as seeing a really beautiful book...and to see my VERY OWN BOOK looking so fine and slim and shiny and gorgeous? I'm kvelling. Wanna peek?

I would follow her into the dark. She needs to keep her clothes on; I've had all that I can take. I've been looking so long at this picture of her, that I almost believe that it's real. If she falls I will catch her, I will be waiting, time after time. (Please add any other lyrics that make your heat pitter patter!)

So, I'd like you to win a paper copy! 

You. Yes. You. (Marcus Flutie reference, for all the Meg McCafferty lovers!) 

How, you ask? 


Put a link of your Amazon and/or B&N review of Double Clutch on my Facebook timeline: or message me the link. If you do BOTH Amazon and B&N, I'll totally put your name in my magic hat twice! 

On May 1, I'll pick 2 winners, autograph and mail two lovely, lovely copies!

AND whenever I make it to 100 reviews on Amazon, I'll post the first day of school at Frankford High...told from Saxon's POV. I really have been missing my favorite chain-smoking bad boy! 

And now I must get Jake and Saxon's covers done in paper...because they're way to fine to be confined to a computer screen ;)!