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Inherit is LIVE! IT'S ALIVE!! AHHHH!!

I will be offline for a few days coming up, but before I unplug myself from my computer completely...


I will leave you with a little excerpt here, just in case you want a feel for what it's all about! I'll also tell you Happy Fourth of July, encourage you to wear sunscreen and play safe, and send you my lovingest author vibes until I can plug back in ;)!!

“No one can do that shield, Wren,” he interrupts, taking a break from his head-banging to look at me like I just crawled out from under a microscope. “You’re not a failure because you can’t master it. You’re amazing because you can even grasp it.”
“How do you know?” I demand.
“I live with some of the most powerful shieldmaidens in the world. They talk shop. Incessantly,” he sighs. “Magda thought you two would still be perfecting boble this week.”
My laugh borders on giddy. I have officially entered the Twilight Zone, where I’m some kind of super sheildmaiden with all kinds of power, instead of the lowly disappointment my mother kept insisting I was all during training. “Jonas, that shield took me less than a day. It’s ridiculously easy.”
“Show me?” His request is half dare, half order.
My back goes up and I turn to him, one eyebrow cocked in acceptance of his throw-down. “You don’t think I can do it?”
“I’m actually really scared that you can.” He mutters something I don’t quite catch, but it sounds like, “I knew you were trouble.”
The thing about boble is that you’re not really using the shield as a weapon or an offensive tool unless you want to hurl it, and there’s not enough distance for that in the car. Plus, it would be like getting shot with a frozen paintball close range. Not fun. Primarily, it’s supposed to insulate, so you can do other things; argue, confide, warn, kiss. Focus, I tell myself. You have to create a thick, impenetrable, undetectable wall and hold it without thinking.
I start by focusing the energy that’s cradled in my center, my diaphragm. I visualize the ball of tightly locked white and blue light and let it bob there for a minute. When I have a good hold on it, I put my hands out, palms up, draw the light down my arms, and wait for my palms to get warm. Once there’s enough heat, I flick my wrists and pop the light in a shield that, at first, fills the entire cab. But holding a larger boble is hard, so I constrict it until it falls around Jonas and me without any extra room.
The outside world swishes away, all the noise of the highway at night disappears, and the space I’ve created nestles us, warm and secure as an underground den. Just like it did that day with Sakura, but without the creepy cousin factor.
Jonas tilts his head back and reaches his fingertips out. He presses against the sides and the boble ripples softly before it returns to its semi-solid Jell-o form.
“This is amazing.” He looks at me like he’s never seen me before in his life.
I want his eyes locked on me like this all the time. Being the target of his focus is like sucking helium from a birthday balloon or shooting down a treacherously icy hill on a waxed sled. “Sakura could do it and she’s not even a shieldmaiden.”
He shakes his head, dismissing my cousin quickly. “But she’s a witch. She probably used a draw.”
“A draw?” I remember her saying something about that, but my fury was at too high a pitch to really pay any attention. I’m irritated that there’s yet another thing I know nothing at all about. But, as frustrating as it is that everyone in my life has more information than me, at least Jonas shares what he knows.
His fingertips strum the side of my boble and it ripples in waves of iridescent rainbow colors. My skin longs for the same treatment from his fingertips. Something about arguing with my mother and sneaking out makes me feel like doing all kinds of other bad things, and Jonas is number one on my list. He breaks my deviant daydreams with his next words. “A spell where she draws some of your latent power and uses it for her own.”
By far the creepiest thing about finding out I have these powers has been Sakura’s sneaking around in my life; my head, my friends, my house, my powers, my fox; she’s trampled on it all and I feel like the victim of the most massive kind of identity theft. “So everything I learn is just going to make her stronger when she steals it?”
“No. Now that you know how to control it, you’ll own everything you do.” He grabs my hands and squeezes them tight, and a tingle runs from my fingers through my entire body. “Don’t worry. You’re much stronger than she is. You have so much talent. She’s going to wish she never messed with you.”
I contract the boble slightly, and slide my cheek past his, wrap my arms around his chest and hold him tight, my arms tucked under the sides of his jacket. I hug him tighter than I’ve been able to hug Bestemor, tighter than I’ve wanted to hold my mother, tighter than I’ve been willing to hug Vee since I started to loosen my hold on her to make room for Zivalus. I fist my hands into his shirt like I’m lost at sea and he’s the driftwood that’s keeping me afloat.
Just when I’m about to sink right into him, Jonas raises one hand and presses firmly on the walls of the boble, gently bursting the aura of romance I worked so hard to blanket us in. The rush of noise and cool air shocks me enough that I break my hold. I make a valiant attempt not to actually glow with the red-hot embarrassment that rages through me.
“Sushi?” He vice-grips the steering wheel and stares straight ahead.
I brush my hair back with my fingers and paste on a big, phony smile. “Let’s do it.” I muster as much courage I can. I’m in the mood for comfort and maybe romance, and I can’t imagine getting either one of those things with raw fish.

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Cover Reveal: Inherit! (Plus Dream Cast, Playlist, Excerpt, and a Weekend Sale!)

Friends, noble-readers, lend me your eyes!

I recently gave Inherit its last, best polish, and sent it off for friends and trusted critical eyes to take a look at. While I pace and wait for their alarmed cries of revision, I thought I'd share some stuff! Like...actors who remind me of my main sweeties, a little about the plot, maybe a tiny playlist, and, oh, THE COVER!

I'm not really good at waiting on things, so let's immediately ooh and aah over the cover, designed by Ms. Stephanie Mooney and so gorgeous and spot on perfect, I could cry!

Oooh, ahhh!

So, what's going on in the cover?

Well, the cool, kick ass girl? That's Wren Kochi. She has powers. Crazy powers. Because her parents were both supernatural. Mom was descended from the Valkyrie, and so is a modern shieldmaiden. Dad is from an ancient coven of witches who still live and rule in Japan with their kitsune, or fox familiars. 

Wren lives a pretty normal life until she gets a box in the mail from Japan. A box with something alive in it. When she opens it and sees a fox, she's bummed. Will it be like training a shoe-gnawing puppy? Will it bite her hand off? No and double no. This fox is from an ancient magic line, and she bonds with Wren and helps fulfill all Wren't deepest desires. 

Which isn't nearly as nice as it sounds and is actually uber stressful and burdensome. 

Throw in a few jealous relatives/competing supernaturals, a long lost set of parents with a lot of explaining to do, confused best friends, a beloved grandmother gone suspiciously ill, and one girl with a set of kick ass powers that get stronger everyday, and you have the basics of Inherit.


This is a Liz Reinhardt opus. What do I love more than strange metaphors and adorable girls who kick ass?


You got it.


Lots of it. And more than kissing. Flirting. Love. Complications. More love.

Enter Jonas Balto. Cool, collected, sexy Jonas who has layers upon layers upon layers. And is maybe a little something more than mortal. Plus he has the most amazing ability to deliver these knee-wavering kisses...

Yes! What is above will all morph into something a little more solid and sensible, which will be my official blurb. 

And, since my characters have been living in my head all this time, Please let me share images of what they look like to me.

This is the lovely Jamie Chung, who is actually Korean-American. Wren is Japanese-American, but Jamie's sweet face, full lips, and gorgeous eyes all scream WREN to me!
And Garrett Hedlund is exactly my idea of tall, light, hella-good-looking Jonas Balto, the object of Wren's affection, and the guy who helps her embrace everything she's about to become. Sigh. Young love ;)!

One of the things I love to do when I write is listen to music that inspires me. Inherit is complicated. There's loss and uncertainty, bitterness and hurt feelings, awesome power and unexpected upset. And tons of making out ;)! So here are the songs that inspired Inherit. All but the last can be linked to on Playlist. The Whitley song was missing, so I gave a YouTube link. Listen and enjoy!

What would a hot blog post/cover reveal BE without a nice kissing excerpt. So gear up for Wren and Jonas's big hot first kiss!! WOOHOO!!

Through all my tears and sadness, I have a sudden, pulsing desire; I want to kiss him. I want to grab him by the shirt, pull him down to my face and press my lips onto his. Everything feels so bad, so confusing. I want to fall into his arms and let him kiss it all away.
But my tears tilt our world off of its axis, and kissing isn’t in our constellations. The minute they start falling, Jonas plays the part of amiable friend, and we head to my room for some logical research with a good four foot perimeter erected around our bodies. Even when I lean over to look at the laptop screen with him, he maintains a physical barrier I can’t crash through, moving away from me like we’re magnets at like poles.
“There’re some books you can order.” His fingers slide over the trackpad and scroll through page after page. “Some of these sites have good information. Do you want me to bookmark them?”
I nod. I want you to kiss me! Kiss me!
He’s hunched over the screen, staring intently.
I don’t want to think about this fox or the magic or the gifts. I don’t want to think, period. Kiss me, Jonas.
He shakes his head at whatever he’s reading and squints, reaching into his chest pocket to take a pair of glasses out.
Jonas! I wish…I wish you would kiss me.
I feel like a coffee mug just out of the dishwasher, warm and empty. Ready for something to fill me. I reach a hand out and smash through the invisible wall. It lands on his leg and breaks the cool spell.
His head snaps up, his gray-blue eyes focused on me like he’s memorizing the curves of my face. Without looking, he slides the laptop to the floor and explodes the bonds that kept us apart. He never breaks eye contact, so I’m not sure how I wind up half on his lap, his mouth an inch from mine.
“I want to kiss you. Bad.” His pupils are so big, his eyes have gone black.
Instead of answering, I push my hands up his chest, over his shoulders, in at his neck. I knit my hands at the base and rub the soft hair at the nape, then pull at him and his mouth eases down and seals over mine.
His lips move on mine like he’s mouthing words, and I press against him, eyes screwed tight until I can’t wait a minute longer. I open my mouth against his fevered lips and flick my tongue along the edges.
Jonas Balto is sitting on my bed. Jonas Balto has his arms tight around me like he’ll never let me go. I’m crushed against him, almost bruised by his enthusiastic hold. I can smell the sharp slice of motor oil, the minty burn of his shave gel, the pure, perfect smell that’s just him, just Jonas.

AND, because this new book is exciting and I want to give back to the lovely readers out there and life is good in general, Double Clutch is on sale for .99 this weekend! Get your lovey teen angst on and spread the news if you so car to!!

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Junk Miles Paperback Giveaway, New Book News, FB Love, and General Adoration...Directed at YOU. Yes. YOU!

It's been a little while since I updated, but I have resolved to be a better blogger! I have good news (always! I never burden my blog friends with bad news...unless it involves me being so sad it's actually funny ;)!). 

1. I have a YA mature paranormal coming out this summer. The title is Inherit, and if you stay tuned this month, there will be teasers, cover reveals, giveaways...all kinds of awesome! I'm a little head-over-heels in love with this book, mostly because I want to BE Wren, my kick ass heroine. I want her powers and her boyfriend (kinda's complicated), and even her angsts. Because angst makes this girl ROCK her sort of scary powers! Oh, it's crazy!!!

2. Did you really think I would forget Evan Lennox? NEVER! She hasn't left my mind for a single day since Brenna got word of her rampant arson in Slow Twitch. Evan met someone. Someone hot and funny and a pain in the ass, who challenges her and makes her blood boil. Someone with more baggage than she has, who needs her help to get rid of some of it...and I'll be teasing you with THEIR story very soon as well!

3. And GIVEAWAYS! Who doesn't love getting something rad? Like a sexy book? So please check out my Facebook page (and like me if you want...I update there often-est), or just read below to get the skinny on how to enter. (And her's my link...c'mon, you know you wanna like it!

Belated cool giveaway news...I have had a gorgeous pile of *Junk Miles* books chilling in a box on the floor 'cause I'm a SLACKER! They're BEAUTIFUL, and I'd love to give 2 signed copies away!! 

So, (and this may seem familiar if you were around for the DC giveaway) if you would like to be considered, just put a review of *Junk Miles* on Amazon or B&N (or both, if you'd like your name entered twice!). Post the link(s) on my timeline or message me, and on June 25, I'll pick two winners!! (And if you already reviewed on Amazon or B&N all YOU have to do is send me the link to let me know you want in ;)!!) 

And, as a reminder, when we hit 100 reviews on *Double Clutch* I'm doing a rewrite of Brenna's first day at Frankford...from Saxon's POV!! I'll share it right here!! (We're at 74 now!! SO CLOSE!!)

ALL GOOD NEWS!! And love to everyone of you! I hope your summers are rad and fun and book filled!! UBER book filled ;)!