Sunday, June 3, 2012

Junk Miles Paperback Giveaway, New Book News, FB Love, and General Adoration...Directed at YOU. Yes. YOU!

It's been a little while since I updated, but I have resolved to be a better blogger! I have good news (always! I never burden my blog friends with bad news...unless it involves me being so sad it's actually funny ;)!). 

1. I have a YA mature paranormal coming out this summer. The title is Inherit, and if you stay tuned this month, there will be teasers, cover reveals, giveaways...all kinds of awesome! I'm a little head-over-heels in love with this book, mostly because I want to BE Wren, my kick ass heroine. I want her powers and her boyfriend (kinda's complicated), and even her angsts. Because angst makes this girl ROCK her sort of scary powers! Oh, it's crazy!!!

2. Did you really think I would forget Evan Lennox? NEVER! She hasn't left my mind for a single day since Brenna got word of her rampant arson in Slow Twitch. Evan met someone. Someone hot and funny and a pain in the ass, who challenges her and makes her blood boil. Someone with more baggage than she has, who needs her help to get rid of some of it...and I'll be teasing you with THEIR story very soon as well!

3. And GIVEAWAYS! Who doesn't love getting something rad? Like a sexy book? So please check out my Facebook page (and like me if you want...I update there often-est), or just read below to get the skinny on how to enter. (And her's my link...c'mon, you know you wanna like it!

Belated cool giveaway news...I have had a gorgeous pile of *Junk Miles* books chilling in a box on the floor 'cause I'm a SLACKER! They're BEAUTIFUL, and I'd love to give 2 signed copies away!! 

So, (and this may seem familiar if you were around for the DC giveaway) if you would like to be considered, just put a review of *Junk Miles* on Amazon or B&N (or both, if you'd like your name entered twice!). Post the link(s) on my timeline or message me, and on June 25, I'll pick two winners!! (And if you already reviewed on Amazon or B&N all YOU have to do is send me the link to let me know you want in ;)!!) 

And, as a reminder, when we hit 100 reviews on *Double Clutch* I'm doing a rewrite of Brenna's first day at Frankford...from Saxon's POV!! I'll share it right here!! (We're at 74 now!! SO CLOSE!!)

ALL GOOD NEWS!! And love to everyone of you! I hope your summers are rad and fun and book filled!! UBER book filled ;)!