Friday, July 20, 2012

Fall Guy and An Awesome Writer-ish Development!

I'm a terrible person about some things! I'm a wonderful person about others, though, I swear.

For example, I am an awful cook. One day we will all hang out together and be in love, but please don't make me cook dinner for you. We can hang at my house, but we'll order in! Or have my husband that guy knows his way around a kitchen ;)!

Also, I failed Algebra and Geometry. Please don't talk to me about the Pythagorean Theorem, because another thing I'm awful at is crying nicely. I will ugly cry and look at you with runny/red-rimmed eyes and snot running out of my nostrils if you ask me about right triangles. BUT I can calculate a tip perfectly. And, for all you wait-people out there, I always leave 20% because I was a waitress once and I loathed my time waiting tables.

So, I am bad about certain bookish things. Announcing, promoting, tweeting. And this isn't some silly false modesty. I mean, I love it when people hear about my books and buy them. How else can I take you all out to a fancy restaurant and leave a big tip?! But I just get scattered. Or sucked into my current project.

Or projects!

Right now I have two, and I'm super excited about both, and there is disgustingly little going on in my home on the toilet scrubbing/laundry/watering the plants front. Don't even ask about things like dusting, because I will laugh an evil laugh. Also, I'm dedicating my next book to Spongebob Squarepants, who's been taking wonderful care of my daughter. I digress...

First of all, there is a cover to share. A cover I happen to love very much. And it's the cover of the book I am working on with a passionate intensity!

When I saw this, I just thought, "Sigh. That is SO Evan and Winch!".

I am in the thick of wrapping up Fall Guy. It's a New Adult/Mature YA, and it deals with Brenna's friend Evan, who is at a really messed up place when she meets a really messed up guy and they need each other to figure things out. Winchester meets Evan the day they're both sentenced in court, and, despite this fact, he's incredibly responsible. So damn responsible, he forgets to put himself first and winds up falling into that trap of taking care of everyone else. But the only person he really wants to take care of is Evan. And she finds herself finally straightening up and growing a colossal backbone because he needs someone to fight for Winch and stop allowing him to put himself last all the time, and that's what you do when you're in love.

It's been amazing to write. Full of conflict and emotions, sexiness and romance. I have loved every minute, and can't wait until it's finally out for everyone to enjoy!

And, as if my writer cup weren't full enough, I am CO-WRITING a book!!

This is a pretty cool story, actually! I am a huge fan of Stephanie Campbell (Grounding Quinn, My Heart for Yours (with Jolene Perry), and Delicate), and we kind of hang in the same circles, being YA writers and all. One day she wrote me a note that was something like:

"I think Trinity and Quinn are long lost sisters."

Which cracked me up because that is EXACTLY what I said when I read Quinn's book!

I said, "You and I would make beautiful music together. We should co-write a book!"

And she said, "Are you kidding? I hope you're not because that would be amazing!"

So she sent me all these cool inspiration pictures and we got this really, super vague idea for a beginning...and I wrote her a chapter and sent it along with a little, "What do you think?"

And she sent a chapter back! And I sent another! And suddenly our lives were taken over by our characters and we were emailing at all hours and talking on Facebook and so freaking excited!

I've never really had an experience like this. It's extremely rewarding and fun to open your email and have this amazing, heart-wrenching, passionate chapter that you get to work and build from. It's been one of the best experiences of my writing life, and this's angsty and romantic and just so damn sexy! I cannot WAIT TO SHARE IT!!

Which brings me back to things I should be better about. See how fun this blog was?! Well, I was supposed to be working on our blurb rightthissecond. Because when our cover is finished and our blurb is done, we can SHARE THIS AMAZING BOOK!!

Until then, I'm just being  a huge tease!

Okay, okay, okay...I'll get back to work! And I promise I'll have something awesome to share soon! <3