Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy Friday!! And An Early Release Surprise!!

Steph Campbell is this brilliant, undeniably adorable writer who shares my passion for sexy, angsty books. Some kind of wonderful luck led us down the co-writing path, and we wrote a book we're both super, amazingly, incredibly proud of. So we wrote this book, and polished it, and polished it more, and picked a date for release.

Then we kinda had nothing left to do.

When she told me we should release Lengths a tiny bit ahead of our planned August 13th reveal day, I was a Nervous Nellie. Should we take more time? Slow down? Think things through?

There she was, on the other end of the phone, laughing her beguiling laugh and making such sensible arguments.

She has a will of steel and a head full of logic.

So, with our excited powers combined, Steph Campbell and I are proud to release (just a tad early!) our much loved book baby, the New Adult contemporary romance, Lengths! We hope you enjoy!