Friday, October 26, 2012

A New Project and Cover Love!!

A few months ago, Steph Campbell and I collaborated on a New Adult romance, Lengths. It was the most fun I've ever had writing, hands down, and as soon as we were done, we said, "What next?" (Because we're crazy and writing-addicted and fun-lovers.)

"What next?" is finally an answerable question! Steph and I squished our brains together again and came up with a book we totally love, and hope you will too! This is a New Adult book that takes place right before Christmas...but it's not exactly a holiday tale.

It's a book about messing up and running away. But it's also about finding lust and losing love and closing off and opening back up. It's a book about families who fight as fiercely as they love and all the things that tear them apart and piece them back together. And it's also funny and sexy and romantic. We really love it, and we can't wait to share it!

We do have to wait, though, which makes us glum.

But, until the whole book comes out, we can totally share the cover and blurb (which makes us very cheery) and will now ;)! 

(Please feel free to snatch and share at will! Thank you!)

 It’s the eve before Christmas Eve, and all that twenty-three-year-old Landry has on the agenda for the holiday is moping in the bar that he left everything behind to open.

And he’s got plenty to mope about.

He found his girlfriend treating herself to a little holiday delight with his best friend;
He hasn’t seen his family in over a year- since he alienated them all and ended up spending a night in jail;
And he may have just ruined the perfect, uncomplicated thing he had going with his platonically hot roommate, Mila.

Drinks all around!

But when he gets a call from his sister, Paisley, begging him to make it home for a huge announcement, he tosses aside his better judgment, (or, what’s left of it after that last round of drinks) and hops on the first train back home to Jersey.

But home for the holidays isn’t all mugs of cocoa and fireside chats with his family.
Landry left the people he loves the most high and dry when he fled to Boston and spent all of his inheritance…the inheritance money that he was supposed to use to help save his family’s floundering bar.

His dad will hardly look at him, his ex is maybe stalking him, his sister has dropped a bombshell on the family, and a flame from the past catches his eye. When Landry’s present and near past collide, it only further complicates things.

Landry thought he was leaving all of his problems behind when he left his family in New Jersey. But he comes home to find out that problems, like family, never go away. And sometimes facing the past with the help of someone who’s fearless about the future is the only way to move on.