Tuesday, September 10, 2013

RIPTIDES Teaser # 1

I'm a little late sharing this one because Steph and I just got back from an amazing book signing in Seattle! It was rad to see so many peeps and hang out where skies are gray and the temperature is well under 90 degrees. I'm eternally sorry to my husband for not taking him to the land of grunge music, and he will make me feel that sorrow for many hours by dusting off his CD collection from high school and playing Bleach over and over...and over again! Seattle, you have not seen the last of the Reinhardts!

So Steph and I have these crazy plans for Silver Strand...and beyond. 

Maybe you saw this little nugget...

That's right! Lydia...prickly, uptight, annoying Lydia is going to let loose and share her romance with us all. And it's going to be amazing!

But  her book isn't going to be out until November, and who can wait that long for more of the gang? Steph and I decided that we would give you a chance to find out about what's happening with all the fams and let you read a little about Enzo, the drifter brother who seems to be all fun-loving and nothing serious at all.

But a girl will change that...they always do! And this novella...just wait!

So here is the teaser! Please enjoy! Please share at will! Now...I write ;)!